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Self Defense Tips Everyone Should Know — Especially Ladies!

Posted by on Apr 1, 2019

Self-defense is a critical skill that is necessary in this world to protect yourself and your family.

The ability to protect yourself is necessary as it reduces the chances of being a victim of crime and assault.

Because of this, having a couple of defense skills will reduce your chances of being a victim of unnecessary. When you arm yourself with this knowledge and skills, it’ll increase confidence.

Learn to Say “No”

You need to have it in mind that not everyone who smiles at you have good intentions. This calls for caution when you are approached by strangers.

When a stranger out of the blues start acting nice and offers a helping hand you are not comfortable with, you have the right to say no. Besides, you’ve got to be firm and clear when rejecting them.

This is not surprising as it could be very easy to corner someone when near the wall. It is especially easy when the walls are of a spiky design. All an attacker has to do is carefully follow you from behind and your head on the wall. It is recommended to walk near the main road where people can easily come around your rescue.

Statistics has revealed that in 9 out of every 10 attacks, the victim had a feeling that everything wasn’t okay, but they ignored it. Therefore, the best weapons you can use to protect yourself are your senses especially your sixth sense. Most people, due to the fact that the sixth sense cannot be explained tend to discard it as paranoia.

If you form a habit of following your intuition, you will be able to discern between fear and worry. If you are uneasy about a situation, place or person, try not to discard it. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Some weapons can be very useful when under any form of attack. As a lady, you should have a pepper spray in your bag. Moving around with pocket knife as a man is not a bad idea as well. The essential thing is to know how to deploy these weapons effectively on your attacker to sustain maximum injury.

In your home, these weapons can add to your home safety but should be kept where they can be easily reached by you without posing any threat to any other person. This is essential to avoid catching you off guard in case of an incident.

Know your strength and weaknesses

In the body, there are four weakest points — the eyes, groins, throat and knees. If the attacker grabs you from the waist behind, pinch them hard under the arm.

The elbow is the strongest part of your body, use it well if your attacker gets close enough to you. If you end up on the ground, with your leg, you can break free from your attacker.

If you can access his balls, grab them HARD, pull, twist and yank them off. He will be left weak and powerless, and then you can break free.

Should the attack take place at home, finding your way to the kitchen could give you the upper hand. Since it’s your kitchen, chances are you are very familiar with where the knives and other weapon-like objects are placed.

Getting hold of this stuffs and deploying them tactically will give you an upper hand over your assailant.

Bear careful with earpiece

If you use earpiece regularly, you will agree that it isolates you from your surroundings. You have very limited awareness of what is going on in your surroundings.

While using earpiece in your personal environment is good, it is advisable to limit its use outside — especially when you are alone in an unknown street. Listening to loud music via the earpiece will make you an easy target for assailant.

Shake off that mentality that no one is after you, being armed with major self defense tip could mean the difference between life and death. While you might not be able to control what happens in around you, you can make smart decisions and avoid stupid risks. Learn to trust your intuition, look bold and defend yourself.

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Five Practical Tips for Increasing Home Safety without Breaking the Bank

Posted by on Apr 1, 2019

The home is one place where everyone should feel safe the most. But unfortunately, this is not the reality in most cases. There are several ways through which the safety of the home might be threatened and this is why everyone should put up extra measures to keep their homes secured.

In most cases, when people hear about insecurities around their home, the first thing that comes to mind is burglars. And the next thought of action is whether they should get a gun or not. Getting a gun is a great idea if you can afford one. And don’t forget about the cost of getting a license for it and the fact that you would also need a best suitable gun safe. However, keeping the home safe goes beyond keeping burglars away and everyone need to be able to have safe homes without breaking the bank. So, below are various tips on how to have a well secured home at little or no cost:

  • Flood your home with light: Intruders prefer to operate in the dark because they do not want to be caught. So, burglars always target homes without good sources of light. Moreover, darkness put home owners at risk of accidents. Children running around a dark area can bump into objects that would hurt them. So, increase the safety of your home by installing light bulbs in strategic places in such a way that night time feels like daytime inside your house. Furthermore, flooding the inside of your home with light and neglecting your surroundings is still not good enough. You need to install security lights in your surroundings also. These would enable you to sit outdoors in the evenings without risk of being hurt. Also, outdoor lights make it possible for you to detect intruders easily. In fact, burglars would rather keep away from such places since it would be hard for them to stay hidden before gaining entrance into the house.
  • Install childproof window guards: When installing window guards, we tend to focus more on making it useful as escape routes. So, most of these guards have screws that can be removed easily in case of fire outbreaks in the home. But what most adults forget that kids in the home can also try to unscrew the guards when adults are not around them. This is quite risky. Hospitals records show most cases of children that fell from high places happened from their bedroom windows or that of their parents. So, to make your home safer, install an extra childproof barrier behind your window guards. Another option is to make sure that the screws on the windows guards cannot be loosed by kids or inaccessible to them.
  • Get a dog: The most homely pet that you can easy invest in is a dog. They are friendly and kids love them. Also, rearing a dog is quite affordable. So, asides from getting companionship from a dog, you would also have two extra eyes guarding your home day and night. Dogs are known to be hard on strangers especially the fierce breeds. However, no matter how friendly your dog can be, ninety-five percent strangers would stay away from it. This implies that intruders would keep off your home. Police interview with burglars made us to know that they specially eliminate homes with dogs from their target list. And when they were asked the reason for doing such, they said dogs would attack them and foil there mission. Also, they explained that in cases where the dogs fail to attack, their presence would be announced through the barking of the dog.
  • Keep harmful chemicals locked up: There are various chemicals that are used in homes. The chemicals might be for washing strategic places or bleaching. They can also be for business purposes or just about anything. So, anything that is labeled as not to be consumed should be locked up in safe places. There had been medical emergencies where it was detected that some drank harmful liquids in place of water. This would only happen because the harmful liquids where not properly stored. Some individuals would say that they don’t really need to such because they can’t make that obvious switch. But have you thought about kids and visitors who come into your home? These ones might not know that the liquid is not water. So, it is better for you to play safe than smart. You can avoid some health complications by simply adhering to this rule.
  • Have an escape plan: No matter how safe your home seems to be, hazards can happen at any time. There may be fire outbreaks, flooding, or accidents at any time. So, bear these thoughts in mind and come up with an escape plan for any situation. Nobody want to be trapped in fire and neither would someone want to helpless in the case of an accidents that leaves one immobile. Once you have escape plans for different situations, teach all those that stay in your home and let them practice it.
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Importance of proper air Conditioning

Posted by on Apr 1, 2019

In the dry season like this, we cannot be far from the air conditioner. It is very important for people living in the tropics. Even because of the importance of air conditioning role, now you can get an affordable thermostat even with wifi in today’s market to set your room temperature.

But in truth, there is a danger behind the use of air conditioning. Complaints of asthma, worsening allergies, headache, runny nose and fatigue may be caused by the use of air conditioning.

If you are not caring for air conditioning in your home, office or car, it can be polluted and dangerous. The worsening of asthma and allergic problems can stem from contaminated air conditioning. Sick building syndrome is also part of an untreated air conditioning problem.

We begin to see symptoms of sick building syndrome in the 70s and 80s. People in office buildings started complaining about buildings making them sick.

Symptoms that include the clogged nose, respiratory problems, headache, and fatigue and skin irritation. His own research proves the connection of the air conditioning system in the building with the above symptoms.

The explanation is that there are microorganisms growing in the air-conditioning system that may have a subtle impact on certain people. But it is not clear how many people are sensitive to the system or how big the problem is.

Unlike a heating system, the air cooling process creates a lot of moisture and condensation that must be channeled. When the air conditioning system is not maintained or damaged, the system becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. To protect yourself, the best protection is to repair the air conditioner regularly.

But the air conditioner was also beneficial for health. External air pollution is a major urban problem, especially with heavy traffic. Air conditioners filter particles from outside air pollution.

Exposure to air pollution particles can increase the risk of hospitalization and premature death from heart problems.

The use of central air conditioning causes less outside air pollution to enter the room than open windows. In times of heat, as it is today that causes the death of many people, air conditioning also saves lives.

Sudden Changes of Room Temperatures is Risking for Your Health

Normal body temperature is about 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. Many things can affect temperature changes in the body, one of which is the environment. Extremely extreme environments, such as being too cold or too hot, can have various effects on the body.

Temperature changes of about a few degrees may affect body function. Therefore, when the body senses the temperature difference between the temperature in the environment and the temperature present in the body, the body will automatically do thermoregulation, which is a process of adaptation of the body in receiving the temperature changes that occur in the vicinity more like that of a new age learning thermostat at our home.

What happens if the ambient temperature changes suddenly? Sudden environmental changes in temperature can cause various effects to the body, such as:

1. Hypothyroidism
When you feel cold and then feel the heat due to ambient temperature, you may have a problem with the thyroid. The thyroid is one of the glands in the body that serves to regulate various metabolisms, regulate the beat of sleep, and body temperature. When this gland produces too much thyroid hormone, then the body temperature will increase

2. Disorders of the adrenal gland
The adrenal glands are located above the kidneys and serve to produce the hormone cortisol which is the main hormone in stress management and metabolism. Disorders of the adrenal glands are a frequent occurrence due to decreased thyroid hormone. Changes in temperature will affect the thyroid hormone which then affects the disorder of the adrenal gland.

3. Impaired insulin sensitivity
Insulin is a hormone that has a major task in regulating blood sugar levels and converting sugar in the blood into the energy needed by the body. Therefore, this hormone is involved in the process of energy metabolism that can cause body temperature to change. In normal circumstances, the body increases insulin production as body temperature increases and research says that injecting this hormone in certain parts of the brain can increase body temperature and speed up the body’s metabolism.

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How to cure head lice ?

Posted by on Apr 1, 2019

Applying chemical products to the scalps of children several times a year can affect their health, in addition to generating resistances. How to fight the problem eco-friendly and healthy way.They do not rest in summer or in winter. When it is not in the pools, it is at school. The lice do not stop bothering and complicate the existence throughout the year and there is no health that resists a dose of recurrent insecticide over twelve months, and even less in the case of children.


That is why it is important to resort to less toxic treatments, which combat the problem without damaging it. Try some home remedies to eliminate lice and nits definitely and find the ideal ally for your family.It’s not about doing witchcraft or weird things. The proposal is to recover those fantastic secrets of the grandmother who helped for years to eliminate the lice without toxic and that were effective for many generations. They harm less health and the environment and, in general, are much cheaper.

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Considering the Costs of a Career Change

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016

You’ve been thinking about a career change for a long time. You’re bored with your job and you’re not progressing at the office. You’ve considered your career options. Frankly, you’ve wanted to do a particular type of work since you were 20 but it just wasn’t in the cards.

Perhaps this is the right time for a career change. Are you financially prepared to switch?

Ponder these points before you go after the job of your dreams:

What don’t you like about your current job? It’s important to clarify why you’re unsatisfied with your job.For example, maybe the office moved and your commute is doubled. Or you got a new boss who doesn’t seem competent. Perhaps the company outlawed overtime or changed your job description to add work for you. Be frank about why you don’t like your job right now.This step must be done first as it will reveal the true reason(s) you want to quit. Plus, you might realize the issues frustrating you are actually fixable.


Will you need training or education for your new career and how much will it cost? What do you need to know to be successful in the work? How will you obtain the knowledge or skills? It might take some time and money, so it’s wise to make an achievable plan.Do you have money saved to help you through the transition? If you’ll require some training or time to hone skills, you’ll be working on those things and not bringing home the bacon.

Therefore, you’ll need some cash stashed for living costs.If you’ve established a healthy pattern of saving over the years, you can fall back on it. Still, you’ll want to figure out how long you’ll be out of commission in terms of earning to estimate how long you’ll be living on savings.Do your research upfront. Before you leave your current position, do your homework. Find out what people earn who do the work you desire. Will you experience a pay reduction?Access online sources to determine average salaries of people in your dreamed-about career. Can you live comfortably on the salary? What are the chances your earnings will grow over the years?

Try to find someone who does the work now and arrange to sit down with them to ask some questions about their career. In sum, take special care to gather info you need first about your dream career, before quitting your current job and diving in to the unknown.What will switching careers mean in terms of your health insurance? As you know, health care is so expensive that it’s practically impossible for any average U.S. citizen to pay it.

Therefore, consider what will change about your health insurance should you switch jobs.Is your health care insurance now connected with your job? How much do you pay for it? What will it cost when you switch careers? Your health insurance is a big-ticket item that you mustn’t take lightly, particularly if you’re also covering your spouse and children.Definitely have a plan on how you’ll handle health insurance should you decide to walk away from your current job.

Is it possible to start saving big now? In the event you’re pondering a job change, you can expect to experience some personal and financial upheaval if you decide to switch careers. It makes sense to start saving extra money now to pad your emergency fund. You might not be able to anticipate every single financial demand that will occur because of switching careers, so any extra funds you save will provide protection for you and your family.

If you consider all these points when thinking about making a career change, you’ll be as financially prepared as you can once you decide to take the leap into an exciting, new job.

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