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How to cure head lice ?

Posted by on Apr 1, 2019

Applying chemical products to the scalps of children several times a year can affect their health, in addition to generating resistances. How to fight the problem eco-friendly and healthy way.They do not rest in summer or in winter. When it is not in the pools, it is at school. The lice do not stop bothering and complicate the existence throughout the year and there is no health that resists a dose of recurrent insecticide over twelve months, and even less in the case of children.


That is why it is important to resort to less toxic treatments, which combat the problem without damaging it. Try some home remedies to eliminate lice and nits definitely and find the ideal ally for your family.It’s not about doing witchcraft or weird things. The proposal is to recover those fantastic secrets of the grandmother who helped for years to eliminate the lice without toxic and that were effective for many generations. They harm less health and the environment and, in general, are much cheaper.

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