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Importance of proper air Conditioning

Posted by on Apr 1, 2019

In the dry season like this, we cannot be far from the air conditioner. It is very important for people living in the tropics. Even because of the importance of air conditioning role, now you can get an affordable thermostat even with wifi in today’s market to set your room temperature.

But in truth, there is a danger behind the use of air conditioning. Complaints of asthma, worsening allergies, headache, runny nose and fatigue may be caused by the use of air conditioning.

If you are not caring for air conditioning in your home, office or car, it can be polluted and dangerous. The worsening of asthma and allergic problems can stem from contaminated air conditioning. Sick building syndrome is also part of an untreated air conditioning problem.

We begin to see symptoms of sick building syndrome in the 70s and 80s. People in office buildings started complaining about buildings making them sick.

Symptoms that include the clogged nose, respiratory problems, headache, and fatigue and skin irritation. His own research proves the connection of the air conditioning system in the building with the above symptoms.

The explanation is that there are microorganisms growing in the air-conditioning system that may have a subtle impact on certain people. But it is not clear how many people are sensitive to the system or how big the problem is.

Unlike a heating system, the air cooling process creates a lot of moisture and condensation that must be channeled. When the air conditioning system is not maintained or damaged, the system becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. To protect yourself, the best protection is to repair the air conditioner regularly.

But the air conditioner was also beneficial for health. External air pollution is a major urban problem, especially with heavy traffic. Air conditioners filter particles from outside air pollution.

Exposure to air pollution particles can increase the risk of hospitalization and premature death from heart problems.

The use of central air conditioning causes less outside air pollution to enter the room than open windows. In times of heat, as it is today that causes the death of many people, air conditioning also saves lives.

Sudden Changes of Room Temperatures is Risking for Your Health

Normal body temperature is about 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. Many things can affect temperature changes in the body, one of which is the environment. Extremely extreme environments, such as being too cold or too hot, can have various effects on the body.

Temperature changes of about a few degrees may affect body function. Therefore, when the body senses the temperature difference between the temperature in the environment and the temperature present in the body, the body will automatically do thermoregulation, which is a process of adaptation of the body in receiving the temperature changes that occur in the vicinity more like that of a new age learning thermostat at our home.

What happens if the ambient temperature changes suddenly? Sudden environmental changes in temperature can cause various effects to the body, such as:

1. Hypothyroidism
When you feel cold and then feel the heat due to ambient temperature, you may have a problem with the thyroid. The thyroid is one of the glands in the body that serves to regulate various metabolisms, regulate the beat of sleep, and body temperature. When this gland produces too much thyroid hormone, then the body temperature will increase

2. Disorders of the adrenal gland
The adrenal glands are located above the kidneys and serve to produce the hormone cortisol which is the main hormone in stress management and metabolism. Disorders of the adrenal glands are a frequent occurrence due to decreased thyroid hormone. Changes in temperature will affect the thyroid hormone which then affects the disorder of the adrenal gland.

3. Impaired insulin sensitivity
Insulin is a hormone that has a major task in regulating blood sugar levels and converting sugar in the blood into the energy needed by the body. Therefore, this hormone is involved in the process of energy metabolism that can cause body temperature to change. In normal circumstances, the body increases insulin production as body temperature increases and research says that injecting this hormone in certain parts of the brain can increase body temperature and speed up the body’s metabolism.

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